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New Lettering Club!

New Lauren Heim Lettering Club

Today is Launch Day for the new monthly Lauren Heim Lettering Club!

I am excited to deliver what you have been asking for for years: more lettering! But I also believe that this membership is so much more than just lettering. It’s an opportunity to carve out time to be creative, and to take time for yourself on the regular. I know I personally crave that, but if I don’t carve out time for it in my calendar it doesn’t happen. That’s what I am here to help you do! I have seen firsthand just how much lettering and creativity can have an impact on your mental health, self-care and your happiness. This year, more than ever, creativity can make an impact on your life. This year it seems like as a society, we are in the middle of collective panic attack. While there isn’t a quick fix to stress, anxiety and overwhelm, I do believe that consistent lettering and creativity can make a difference in your life. It has made a difference in my life for the past decade, and I have seen it impact hundreds of my workshop students since 2015. I hope you will join this community!



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