Established in 2012, Lauren Heim Studio aspires to bring joy to others through hand lettered art. We offer a line of products, workshops, custom and freelance projects. The pursuit over here is simple: create a life of purpose and intention illustrated with pen and ink.
Located in Kansas, but serving clients all over this lovely country.

The best parts of my week are when a custom nursery sign is hung, a new logo is launched, a shop product in use, a workshop student discovers a new passion. When our clients find joy in any of our offerings, I am ecstatic. My faith is the backing behind everything I do. I am also an adamant believer of kindness in business, and of course, life. I am so far from perfect; I lean more on grace, than perfection and hustle. And while I am imperfect, I know I’m called to bless others through my art. Thank you for allowing me to do so!

Jeremiah 29:11-13


contact lauren heim studioMy story is one I am proud of, because like anything worth having, I fought to get here. After working at a desk job for a couple of years, I took the leap and became an entrepreneur in 2012, just weeks after getting married. I launched my business with a focus in wedding planning, given my background in events and public relations. Working as a wedding planner teaches you some major gumption, hard work, and how imperative kindness is in business. (Something I will carry with me for always – kindness rules the world.) And patience, you learn to have a lot of patience.

I like to think that God was painting plans on my canvas and I didn’t even know it at the time. I was lettering for clients and various projects throughout those three years, but in 2015, we decided to accept our last weddings. It was bittersweet, but being a full time artist is my dream and I’m living it.

You will find my lettering style is modern, while mixed with classics, clean and often whimsical. (Holy Guacamole!). My typical mediums are brush and watercolor. I create all of my pieces with brush (or pen) and paper out of my home office, with my pup at my feet. Normally with an Anthropologie candle lit, and Ben Rector playing.

My husband, Andrew, is a professional development coach. We are a rare pair that we both own small businesses, both operated out of our home! We aim to help and support each other throughout the weeks. When we can pull ourselves away from our work (I’m intentionally working on that this year!), we can be found walking through the trails of the Flint Hills with our dog, Bear. We enjoy eating local (we really, really like eating) and shopping small. As business owners ourselves, this is near to our hearts. I’m a total homebody, so I’m often Netflixing (Gilmore Girls and The Office are our go-tos), gardening, baking or sipping tea. Life with the three of us looks a lot different than the norm.
But we really like the way it looks from here.