L A U R E N   H E I M

L E T T E R I N G  A R T I S T,  C R E A T I V E,  W I F E,  D O G  P E R S O N
K A N S A S  C I T Y

My hands, even when I was little, have always itched to be doodling, cutting paper into different shapes, or finding just the right shade of marker. Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved the messy, fun, creative things. My favorite outing as a kid was to a local art store, where my parents bought me a wooden easel at the age of ten. It’s the same easel that I now use to teach workshops. I’m nostalgic, so I love how things have come around full circle. While I loved the creative things, I am someone who has miserably “failed” at all types of creative endeavors since I was little, too. Whether it was painting, pottery, drawing or photography, I never quite flourished at the arts in school, and I never pursued the arts in college either (oh, how I wish I had!). The thing is, I don’t think we can put ourselves in boxes as “creative” or “not creative.” I believe it’s more about whether we tap into our creativity or not, because we all have it in us. It’s what we choose to do with it.

Lauren Heim Studio started with a white gel pen in my first solo apartment, freshly graduated from college, with a ring on my finger. My day job wasn’t creatively challenging, so I craved bringing some creativity into my free time. Which is something I believe you can and should do, too. Whatever that looks like for you. I started a wedding planning business a couple of years later, and got brave enough to start sharing my lettering work, too. In between my wedding planning client meetings and executing wedding days, it became all about hand lettered chalkboards (with a side of strong spray-sealant smell).  I thought I would be a wedding planner for a long time, maybe for forever, and now here I am in my home studio drawing letters. Life is funny like that sometimes. My favorite days are now spent at home in jeans, Ben Rector song playing, homemade tea latte in hand and pup at my feet – just doing my creative work.

You will find my lettering style to be polished, but not pretentious. I often aim for my pieces to be modern, mixed with classic details, clean, and often a touch of whimsy. My go to mediums are brush pens and watercolors. Now I’m both an artist and a teacher. In 2015, I started teaching the art of hand lettering to beginners, in the same way I taught myself. No pressure or prestige, no fancy terms. Just gathering around a table with my favorite tools, and tried-and-true practices and techniques that worked for me. Since then, I have taught hundreds of students the art of brush lettering, through in person and online workshops. Teaching is one of the greatest joys in my business, and I’m fortunate that as I continue offering lettering workshops, you all continue to sign up and show up. It’s something I plan to continue to offer, as long as you continue to want them!

My husband, Andrew, is a Small Business Advisor. We have quite a different lifestyle than most, as we both own small businesses and operate them out of our home. We like to bounce ideas off each other, and try to support and encourage each other through the week. (We have separate offices, which I think saves our marriage and sanity.) When we’re not working, we’re likely exploring walking trails or at the dog park with our dog, Bear. We may also be visiting a local bakery or coffeeshop in Kansas City, and make it a priority to shop small. As small business owners ourselves, this is near to our hearts. I’m a total homebody, so I’m often Netflixing something or many shows at once (our recent favorite is Suits!).

L O V E S:
My husband
My dog, Bear
Dogs and dog people
Creativity and inspiration
Small business
The beach, the lake and Michigan with my husband
Fall leaves
Local bakeries and coffee shops
Eating (mostly) pure
A (mostly) non-toxic home
Tea lattes
Ben Rector

Image by Heirloom Photo Company