Q: Do you accept custom work?
A: Yes, absolutely! I love custom projects. Please visit my Custom page to learn more about my offerings. We work with business owners, brides and grooms, families, and more on custom projects from logos, to wedding pieces, to home decor.

Q: How did you get started in hand lettering?
A: I am completely self taught, actually! I was working a desk job back in 2010 and was engaged to my now husband. I had much more free time then (ha!) and found a passion in calligraphy and hand lettering, while planning my wedding. I read calligraphy blogs and studied other artists I loved. I also practiced my hand a lot.

I hand addressed my save-the-dates and invitation envelopes, created signage and more for my own big day. I knew I’d found something that made my heart beat fast. I eventually launched my wedding planning business in 2012 (Lauren Heim Weddings + Events then), and also offered custom signage to my brides and shipped pieces to brides throughout the country. My work back then was a lot different than it looks now. Don’t you love progress? I know I do. I ordered chalkboards locally created in bulk.

Q: How can I learn hand lettering?
A: Yay for you for wanting to learn! I teach in-person group workshops mostly in the Kansas City area. I also offer private group classes and one-on-one sessions in Kansas. Simply inquire to discuss your private class or session. I also offer virtual sessions for those who aren’t close by! Visit my Workshop page to learn more.

But beyond that, I suggest diving right in. Instagram, blogs, Pinterest are invaluable learning tools these days. Watch videos, read about tools, learn the basics from others you look up to. Start slow, and most importantly, start to develop your own style. Don’t try to copy others. Be uniquely you, and your personal lettering style will shine through.

Q: Do you still book weddings and wedding planning clients?
A: I do not. When I launched my wedding planning business in 2012, I would accept a maximum of around 15 weddings, either full service or day-of coordination. I was also offering lettering services at that time, so this was a great number for me to stay sane. 2015 was the last year we accepted wedding planning clients, and focused full time on my art. While this was a somewhat short time in the wedding industry, I learned everything about running a business well from that time. Learn more about my story here on my About page.

Q: Are you open to collaborations/donations?
A: I run a small, boutique business. As much as I would really love to donate to every event, styled shoot, great cause and collaborate with every opportunity that comes up – financially and time-wise, I am simply not able to. But, that being said, I love collaborating! I am able to accept a small number of collaborations and donations each quarter, and one of those may be you! Please contact me via the form to discuss what you have in mind. I’d love to connect with you!

What other questions do you have for me? Simply reach out, and I’d be happy to answer your question! Others may be wondering the same question, so I may share here as well!